Zootemplate supports Easy Blog!- An awesome blogging tool from Stackideas

A plenty of blogging extensions from ZooTemplate have been used. Then, up to now, we have received a large number of feedbacks from users during the period of using. We strongly confirm that one of outstanding extensions which suits best for blogger when logging in website is Easyblog. Easyblog is a wonderful product developed by our friendly partner: Stackideas. In order to provide you an overlook at Easyblog, some short review is available bellow.

The reason why Easyblog received many good feedbacks is …

Friendly interface

easyblog interface

When writing a new article in Joomla, bloggers will not feel bored with a carefully crafted interface anymore. You can see immediately a big image expanded through screen on the top of page. The layout becomes more eye-catching. On the top of each picture, some toolbars are shown respectively: Home, categories, tags, blogger, team blogs. Each tool keeps a specific function to satisfy the demand of users at the most convenient.

  • Home: Where you can find all blog posts throughout the sites
  • Categories: Displays a list of categories from that blog
  • Tags: Displays a list of tags that have been used in the blog
  • Bloggers: Search for favorite bloggers from the site
  • Team blog: Helps you to find fast your favorite blog here.

Clear and impressive content

easyblog content

The content of writing has a clear and impressive texture. Could you image that how the writers can attract viewers? Of course, the answer must be that your blog need to be eye-catching. Easyblog features a minimalist but modern design so you can be ensured that your posts will be arranged rationally.

Social network integrated

easyblog social network integration

As you can see, at the end of each article, many social buttons are reasonably added at the right-hand corner. This provides an effective way for you to share whatever you like through a lot of social media such as Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Twitter…

Important short-cuts added

Especially, the Easyblog developers have added important short-cuts. Therefore, some different useful information about author’s profile, more posts from this author or subscribe to updates form author will also be provided. Some related posts with outstanding featured image are always appeared in balance. Therefore, it’s not difficult for users to have any necessary knowledge to take more deeply understanding.

Important short-cuts added

More interesting…

The most amazing news we would like to inform is that on the 13th Octorber 2014, the first birthday of Easysocial was celebrated. Taking this opportunity, tending to express a huge thank to potential customers and welcome warmly new members to the Easysocial family, Stackideas gave out a 20% discount code to both new and renewal purchases. Especially, customers of ZooTemplate always receive 20% discount when buying extension. Let’s say Happy birthday to Easysocial again.


For all the above great features, why don’t you experience it and enjoy its excellence? Surely with users’ experiences before, you are believable to use it. Now, let’s take a maverlous gift from Easyblog Extension.

Thank you for your time taking on my blog. All of your responses are welcomed so drop some comments to let us know how you think about this issue. We are more than happy to hear from you!

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