Zo2Framework 1.3.4

Zo2 Framework version 1.3.4 released

From time to time, there will be minor updates to ZO2 Framework core. If the release is designated as a security update, you should apply the update as soon as you can. Otherwise, you may choose to apply the update at any time to receive the bug fixes it contains. There are also major release upgrades; these you may want to apply so you have all the new and powerful features.

We’re proud to announce that Joomla template framework ZO2 has been released version 1.3.4 with several minor bug fixes and improvements:

To upgrade ZO2 Framework version 1.3.4, please following zo2framework documents



A special thanks to ZooTeam: Viet Vu, Quynh Nguyen, Khang Vu, chrislucca, Sen Tran for working hard on Zo2 Framework. We’re so proud of you!

What you should know about ZO2 Framework

Download ZO2 Framework

ZO2 Framework 1.3.4 for Joomla 3.x

ZO2 Framework 1.3.4 for Joomla 2.5

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