Why haven’t you had Responsive Design yet?

Responsive design has become one of the most trendy website styles in the 21st century. It refers to a trend that your website can display smoothly on any screen sizes. It can be said that your site will be optimized for all device with Responsive Design.

Responsive is becoming more and more important because…

  • You site’s ranking will be enhanced
  • Mobile usage is increasing
  • Responsive can increase your conversion rates
  • Responsive will offer better user experience
  • It becomes easier to manage the site
  • Your site will stay ahead of competitors

In this article, we will show you how to improve your responsive sites’ ranking in depth. Now, start!

Use Bootstrap

This is the most popular framework which can be used for not only HTML but also CSS and JS. It can help your to develop mobile projects more quickly and effectively.

Improve the speed of page

No one can stand waiting for you website to completely load more than one minute. When Responsive Design is applied, minified images and scripts will make your site load quicker. The less time a website takes to load, the better rank it can achieve!

Test the product on real devices

After everything has been done, you should bring your site to practice. More than one type of real device are highly recommended. Some errors cannot be found in big screens and emulators. Furthermore, there are many useful tools available on the internet to check the effectiveness of your website.

We continue to update this article to bring you more and more useful information about Responsive Design.

If you have any ideas about the related topic, feel free to share with us to make our life better!

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