JV Excali 1.5.2 update released

The JV Excali Joomla 1.5 template has been updated to version 1.5.2 and has various fixes including layout and positions fixes when adding products attributes as well as 2 issues with JV VirtueMart Scroller and JV VirtueMart CatPro Modules

To update your template, either download the latest template packages from the JV Excali download section and replace your template, or if you have made customizations, a listing of the changed and added files and directories is listed below:

Version 1.5.2

Template JV Excali

Changed Files (template) – Located in the /templates/jv_excali directory

  1. jv_excali/templateDetails.xml[Change: 4-5]
  2. jv_excali/css/template.css[Change: 168][Add: 215-266][Add: 770][Add: 789][Add: 801][Add: 874-878][Add: 903][Add: 911]

Module mod_jvvm_scroller

Changed Files (module) – Located in the /modules/mod_jvvm_scroller/assets/css directory

  • mod_jvvm_scroller/assets/css/jvvmScroller.css[Added: 45-48]

Module mod_jvvm_catpro

Changed Files (module) – Located in the /modules/mod_jvvm_catpro directory

  1. mod_jvvm_catpro/mod_jvvm_catpro.xml[Added: 19]
  2. mod_jvvm_catpro/mod_jvvm_catpro.php[Added: 30][Change: 106]

Virtuemart Theme jv-shop

Changed Files (theme) – Located in the /components/com_virtuemart/themes/jv-shop directory

  1. jv-shop/theme.css[Add: 393-397][Change: 400][Change: 404][Change: 444][Change: 451]
  2. jv-shop/templates/common/productsnapshot.tpl.php[Change: 10][Change: 17-19]
  3. jv-shop/templates/browse/browse_4.php[Add: 8-10]
  4. jv-shop/templates/product_details/flypage.tpl.php[Change: 3][Add: 33-35]
  5. jv-shop/templates/product_details/include/addtocart_form.tpl.php[Add: 3][Add: 76]
  6. jv-shop/templates/browse/include/addtocart_form.tpl.php[Change: 12]

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