Joomla Template Design Trends in 2015

As you can see, the end of 2014 is coming nearer and nearer. We need to make up our own plan for 2015 and this is the perfect time for us to predict amazing trends for the next year. If you are curious about the new appearance of Joomla Templates 2015, let find out them in this article.

So what are Joomla Template Design Trends in 2015?

The outbreak of Flat Design

flat design

For those who have no idea about ‘Flat Design’, the term is a minimalistic design style that focuses on usability, makes characters turn up as if they are lifting off the page. It features clean, open space, bright colors and illustrations. As you can see, 2014 is the year of Flat Design and it receives a ton of nice feedbacks from all users. Is Flat Design continuously successful in 2015?

Right, 2015 will be called ‘The outbreak of flat design’. So say goodbye to old shadows, out-of-date textures and so on, the template interface will become much more attractive with neat flat designs. The talented designers would like to construct elements appearing on flat screens, especially when hand-held devices are being adopted more and more. We predict that ‘Flat Design’ continues to be a hot trend and improves dramatically in 2015.

Responsive Web Design


At present, hand-held devices are becoming must-have items of anyone. We use our smartphones to keep in touch, listen to music and of course, surf the net. Therefore, it seems so interesting if your website can appear probably well on every screen size. The number of mobile user is increasing monthly and soon becomes the majority in so there is not any reasons why ‘Responsive Design’ does not become a design trend in 2015.

While many companies still run a dedicated mobile website along with a regular web font, we predict that responsive websites will take over. That seems much more time-saving and impressive. The trend has a great amount of marketing potential and designers are shifting traditional websites to responsive websites.

The expansion of Typography art


Times New Roman or Arial used to be the most favorite fonts but now designers are fed up with boring old fonts like this. Next year, Typography is on the fast track toward the main stream seriously.

Now high-quality fonts are very affordable to purchase so every company, including the small business owners no longer hesitate to have them to complete their font sets – one of the most important marketing materials. In 2015, designers tend to prefer bigger size than ever then mix and match is proved to be enjoyable. That is the reason why the dynamic Typography can support you the most to build up your responsive site interface – performing brightly on every screen. We predict that Typography will be the most favorite font in 2015.

Less text

Less text

Joomla templates have never had much text and now they seem to have less text than ever before. With a view to making the content more attractive, designers tend to prefer imagery such as icon, info graphics… instead of a website that’s full of text.

As you can see, some sites have no visible text and instead rely on images and icons to carry information to the users: portfolio websites and e-commerce website. Colorful images will make your website more eye-catching, with which people can help from falling in love. In the century of internet, it is very important when your websites are notable to visitors. This fact makes us strongly believe that Less Text will become one of the most effective methods in the following year.

Browser compatibility

browser compatibility

Today, a lot of new browsers have been released so people can have many choices to pick one and install it to their devices. That is the reason why templates need not only responsive design but also browser compatibility. Make sure your website can display well on different browsers.

One more thing: There are many users who never concern about updating their browsers so it is a pity if your website can not apply to the old version.  Try them many times on many other browsers to make sure your website will always be fabulous.

In order to support you build up the next plan, we are very pleased to give out our prediction about Joomla Design Trends in 2015. We hope this article can help you a lot. Then if you have something to share, please let us know by leaving some comments bellow. It is our pleasure to hear from you!

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