How to solve the K2 Tags and SH404 SEF error for K2 version 2.2

In the past we showed you how to solve K2 Tags and SH404 SEF error for K2 version 2.1. And today we will show you how to solve that error for the latest stable K2 version 2.2.

Please kindly follow these guides:

Step by Step

1. Open up your-joomla-folder/components/com_k2/sef_ext/com_k2.php

2. Jump to line 130 where these codes are written

case ‘tag’:
$title[] = ‘tag’;
$title[] = $tag;

3. Replace the above code with this one

case ‘tag’:
$title[] = ‘tag’;
$title[] = str_replace(‘+’,’-‘,$tag);

4. Save the chance

5. At back-end: Components >>> SH404SEF >>> Purge SEF Urls

6. Refresh the page where your tag links are in and see the result

This code modification replaces the spaces in tags, with a word groups, with character “-“. By this way sef urls do not contain spaces.

Please drop your message here if you need more further assistance.

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