Stay happy in Lunar New year and have a sweet Valentine’s Day!

Respectfully to our dear friends and customers!

Our beloved friends and customers! VietNam Lunar New Year is almost here, ZooTemplate would like to inform our office’s temporary close, from Feb 16, 2015 to Feb 23, 2015. This is a holiday time, however, we are always willing and contactable for your enquiries.

VietNam Lunar New Year 2015 – The Year of Goat

Lunar New Year is the biggest traditional holidays in Viet Nam. People often give others wishes for a lucky, successful and healthy new year. It is time for people, no matter wherever they are, whatever they do, to reunite, to remember an respect their ancestors, and parents. Family’s member gather together to have warm meals of many traditional dishes like Banh Chung, Banh Day… to share their feelings. Children wear new clothes and receive lucky money from adults. Students come to visit their teachers to remember student’s time…. Atmosphere is always happy, warm and full of excite. Tet is the warmest and wonderful time for every single Vietnamese citizens.

2015 is a new year of Green Wooden Goat. This is hoped and predicted to be a facilitate, smoothy, and easy year.

It comes to much more amazing that at the same time,  we are living in the months of love, of Valentine. Valentine is a very special time to celebrate, express love in the most meaningful way. The times will promise lots of love, happiness and prosperity.

To celebrate these two special seasons, ZooTemplate would like to gift you a special discount of 25% on all of our products with this coupon code: TET2015. It will be valid from now on, Feb 13, 2015 to Feb 24, 2015.

Last but not least, we would give a huge thank to our beloved customers for being accompanied by us throughout the passing year 2014. For 2015, wish you and your family, your friends and lovers the best and happiest wishes of a lucky, sweet, and prosperous time.

Stay happy in Lunar New year and have a sweet Valentine’s Day!

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