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ZT One is a new template of ZooTemplate. We are very happy after releasing it we receive many good feedbacks from our customers about the template. Today, we are proud to publish a review about  ZT One of the author “Ramya Raju– a customer of ZooTemplate and  after using the product, she is interested in it. Now, She is a freelance writer/web designer from India. She has  an experience of about 8 years in content writing and have worked for top blogs and websites. She is generally an extrovert. She likes photography, anthropology and traveling to different countries to learn the culture and living of the local inhabitants.

ZT One review

ZT One is the new responsive Joomla agency template that has been launched by the ZooTemplate Club and it certainly holds a lot of promise. The first thing that strikes you about the template is its simplicity and the minimalistic design. It’s said that the template has been brought out for the creatively inclined who want to work on their portfolios, image demonstrations, online art galleries etc.

Zo2 framework is the backbone of the template and you will notice that it has a very clear homepage while the effects are just brilliant. It is obvious that some of the newest web design trends have been used while creating this template and you will see the presence of features like drag and drop layout, mega menu, full responsive design etc. Of course we will discuss these features in detail but for now let’s talk about the simplicity of use, which is a big advantage for users. Whether you want to change background styles, apply fonts, set colors or create layouts; a few clicks of the mouse is all it takes. Thus this template makes your task of creating a website a lot easier.

If you are a prolific blogger then you will particularly like the Easyblog extension option. It ensures that you can blog from wherever you might be without having to log onto your Joomla backend. Moreover you have it ready to be published anytime. Thus the template is not only simple and minimalistic but it’s quite creative as well, putting you on top of things.

The highlight of the template of course is its features, and here we look at them in close detail:

Responsive Web Design

When you start working with the template you see that it is completely responsive. Thus whatever device you might be viewing it on, the template will adapt to its resolution. That makes a lot of sense because your website will not lose its charm no matter what device it is seen on; laptop, computer, tablet or a Smartphone for that matter. You understand that responsive designs are a need of our times where a large number of users are mobile and this feature of the template is a big plus.

Z02 Framework

It’s a Joomla Templates Framework that is free, extensible and open source. Importantly, it’s also search engine optimized for your benefit. Responsive design styling for popular extensions and twitter bootstrap network are some of its hallmarks. The fact that it has an entire community behind it is quite reassuring. Drag & Drop Layout Builder is a feature that makes an instant impression because enables you to create layouts five times faster than your regularmeans.

Drag & Drop Layout Builder

Don’t have coding experience, that’s not a problem anymore. You can still go on to create unique and sensational looking layouts without any hassle. What’s more, you will also be able to create them five times faster than the traditional means. There are absolutely no hassles and it’s easy to get started now.

EasyBlog Extension

This is easily one of the standout features of the template and of course it is so relevant for the needs for today’s users. If you want to make an impression in the online world, you have to focus on the blog section. EasyBlog Extension ensures that now you can create blogs from just about anywhere, quickly and without having to log on to your Joomla backend. You can then publish the blog efficiently, getting all the attention for it.

FontAwesome Icons Integration

FontAwesome Icons result in scalable vector icons, which can be customized exactly according to your requirements. From size to color and drop shadow, you can have things just the way you want and make sure the icons look gorgeous at any size.

HTML5 and CSS3 Animations

HTML5 brings you a pleasant web experience and visualization quality, which is a result of rich markup and compatibility. Bootstrap coupled with LESS, which is the Dynamic Stylesheet language lets you achieve a lot. You can standardize the grid, modules and typography with ease.

Boxed and Wide Layouts

If you want to move from boxed to wide layout, a simple mouse click is all it takes. You can achieve that through the theme admin panel. You will find different options in the boxed layout including those to manage patents, colors and images as well.

SEO friendly

Search engine optimization seems to be a thought at the back of the mind for creators of this template. You will find that the template has been optimized for on-screen optimization and uses several techniques to ensure that the page load speeds are high. It’s important to note that the template works fluently with SEO extensions to ensure that your rank is boosted.

Cross-Browser Support

The template is meant to look good on different types of browsers people might be using. And it lives up to that goal on a wide cross section of browsers from IE8 and IE9 to Chrome, Safari, Firefox, the Android Browser and more.

Several fonts and colors to choose from

This is the area where this template absolutely spoils you for choice. There are more than 600 fonts that you can pick from and endless options for color combinations. Thus when you are working with this template you have a lot to play around with. You have the option of uploading background images on per section bases. It is a deviation from the regular option of doing that on solid background color and thus you gain a lot of flexibility instantly.

Plenty of Shortcodes

 Clearly the focus has also been maintained on typography, usability and the complete user experience. ZT One ensures that shortcodes are delivered quickly so that you can create contents and layouts within hardly any time.

One the back of these features, you will see that the ZT One is a lot more than a simple and minimalistic option. It is filled with creative choices for you that can be used easily too.

We would like to say faithful thanks to Ramya Raju for sharing us her feeling of using ZT One. She gave us much valuable and meaningful information, which is practical and surely will make a strong belief on other customers. If you have any stories about ZooTemplate products, please share them with your customers.

If you wonder or have any questions, don’t hesitate instead of sharing us or leave a comment, we will contact you and reply as soon as possible.

Especially if you have any questions about Ramya Raju, please contact her to get more information:

Ramya Raju


E-mail id: ramyaraju896@gmail.com

Website:   http://www.colorcharacter.com/uk/

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