Firefox 3.6 has been released

Firefox 3.6The long-awaited Firefox 3.6 has been released after months of testing, and key amongst its many new features is an emphasis on speeding up the web browsing experience.

Firefox 3.6 boasts a 20% faster browsing speed than its predecessor 3.5, reports Mashable. Startup speed, stability, and load times have been improved. Running scripts has been streamlined. And the way it handles javascript has been altered to provide faster loading and use of java-enabled pages.

Other new features include:

  • Personas, a new system of theme management that lets users change the appearance of Firefox with a single click (Personas is a tool that lets you choose a theme for your browser interface and with 35,000 templates to choose from you should find something you like).
  • Plugin protection, keeping users safe from out-of-date add-ons (Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight, for example – are up to date).
  • Increased stability for incorporation of third-party software.
  • Continued support for downloadable web fonts.
  • Support for new CSS design attributes and full HTML5 compliance.
  • Videos can now be played in full screen.
  • Versions available in over 70 languages.

The new version can be downloaded on the Firefox homepage, or updated from within an older version of the web browser automatically.

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