ZT Testimonials

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Layout : Fully Responsive
Last update : 2014-04-07
Compability : Joomla 3.x

ZT Testimonial is an easy to use joomla modules that allows you to easily gather and display testimonials on your website in any module position and on an individual page. The testimonials can be fade or slide depending upon the configuration that has been set in the back end of the module parameters.

ZT Testimonial’s Key Features

  • Can manage the testimonials : Add, Edit, Order, Delete, Publish and Unpublish
  • Admin interface to add, edit and manage testimonials
  • Fields for source, testimonial, avatar, title, position, email and URL details

Manage Testimonials

test 1

  • You would just need to add your testimonial content in testimonial field
  • After writing your own testimonial description, you are required to enter your name, email, link name (link to your name), link avatar (link to your avatar) and position into the text boxed provided.
  • You can also add an image of yourself or upload your own Avatar image by clicking the Select Avatar button.

Menu Assignment

test 3

Under Menu Assignment, select which pages you want to show the module on. You can choose On all Pages, No Pages, Only on the pages selected, or On all pages except those selected.

General Settings

test 4

  • Name: Select to show or hide author’s name
  • Email: Option to show/hide author’s email
  • Avatar: Show/Hide option for Avatar
  • Position: Show or not author’s position
  • Website/Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin/Google/Printeres:
  • Style Testimonial: There are two testimonial styles Default or About us
  • Auto: Slides will automatically transition
  • Pause: The amount of time (in ms) between each auto transition
  • Auto Hover: Auto – running slideshow will be paused while the mouse is over the slider.
  • Arrow Setting: Have or not “previous” and “ next” arrows on the testimonial slideshow.
  • Indicators Bar: Show or hide indicator bar

Why do I need testimonials on my website?

Testimonials are a great thing to add to your website, for many reasons:

  • Testimonials help potential customers get to know that you are a credible business.
  • Testimonials give you the opportunity to point out specific features or compelling reasons why a customer should buy from you.
  • Testimonials, when used effectively, are a great tool to increase conversions rates on your website!

The ZT Testimonials module is the easiest way to start adding your customer testimonials, right now! Click the Download button now to get started. The ZT Testimonials module will inherit the styling from your template – just install and get to work adding your testimonials!