ZT Shortcodes

Free Joomla Extension
Layout : Fully Responsive
Last update : 2015-03-05
Compability : Joomla 3.x, Zo2 Framework 1.4.x

If you are looking for a simple, visual way to build complex layouts with our Shortcodes, now you can! The bread and butter of any good template. ZT Shortcodes enable you to become a power user and take your site to new heights. We’ve built 25 stellar shortcodes (plenty of them truly one of a kind), allowing you to build virtually any layout your mind can imagine. ZT Shortcodes comes with both plugin system and editors-xtd that you need in spades, letting you quickly and easily put together great content and sharp layouts.

Features List:

  • Label
  • Button
  • Dropcap
  • Modal
  • Space
  • Badge
  • Message Box
  • Font Icons
  • Counter Circle
  • Title / Heading
  • Tabs
  • Block quote
  • Divider
  • Testimonial
  • Person
  • Columns
  • Pricing Table
  • Gallery
  • Carousel
  • Social Icons
  • Progress Bars
  • Accordion / Toggle
  • Video Play
  • Google Map
  • Boxes Content

ZT Shortcodes List