ZT Parallax

Layout : Fully Responsive
Last update : 2014-09-23
Compability : Joomla 3.x

ZT Parallax Content Slider is a Joomla extension (module) which adds automatically parallax background scrolling where you want on your Joomla website.

This is a nice background scrolling effect with a simulation of a pseudo parallax effect. You can insert one or more image in your articles and define an horizontal stripe (view port) to see the images as they was really a landscape through a window. See this plugin in action!

Feature List

  • Compatible with both Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3.x
  • Extremely configurable admin
  • CSS3 and responsive
  • Responsive layout
  • Ability to show/hide title
  • Ability to show/hide description
  • Ability to show/hide image
  • Ability to show/hide readmore
  • Multiple style supported with overriede

Manage Module

paral 2

In the popup window, you can browse the previously uploaded pictures on the Media Library tab or insert Image URL. Choose a picture and click the Insert button.

You should now be on the content editor screen. We can enter some sample text or even insert an image into text area.

Remember to always turn off Toggle Editor when you want to edit HTML in the content section. Otherwise Toggle Editor can break  your content.

Setting Parallax Module


  • Background Position: Specifies the position of a background image within its containing element.
  • Parallax Background: Parallax Background will be showed or not
  • Repeat Background: The background image will be repeated both vertically and horizontally. This is default
  • Color text: Select the color of parallax text
  • Top Padding: Set the distance between the text and border-top of background image.
  • Bottom Padding: Set the distance between the text and border-bottom of background image.

Advanced options


  • Module tag: Change the div in section
  • Bootstrap size: Change Bootstrap span grid class
  • Header tag: Aim for better SEO
  • Header class: Add the Bootstrap class in the page header
  • Module style: Inherit the Joomla installed template for the module style